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Cooler pellets

Posted on 09/10/2017



Cooler pellets – designed for cooling immediately after the granulation, the selection of surface moisture and lower the temperature of the granules to a temperature higher than the environment maximum of 10 degrees Celsius.

The granule cooler of our production allows to optimize the work of the granulation line of feed and biofuels, provides high quality finished products and reduces maintenance costs due to the full automatic cycle of the cooler operation.
Power 3 kW 380 V
Dimensions – L 120cm x W 120sm x H 220cm


The principle of operation of the cooler

The formed pellet enters the hopper dispenser to the cooler shaft where it accumulates. Through the sieve at the bottom of the shaft the fan draws air that passes through the granules by removing the surface moisture and temperature in the granules and extending beyond the coolant. In the cooler filled with a granule to a certain level, the sensor “top level filling the granule” triggers the vibration screen. The cooled granule is sifted from the rubbish and discharged until a sensor of the “lower level of filling with a granule” is triggered. After the lower sensor is triggered, the vibrating screen is turned off and the cycle repeats itself. Together with the vibration mixer, the dust collecting fan is switched on from the dust collector hopper and transported to the designated place for re-granulation (the cooler is not included in the basic equipment).

Dust collector pneumatic – designed for collecting sifting from vibration and transporting it aspiration into a storage hopper, from which the dipping again enters the granulator..
Power 3 kW 380 V
Dimensions – L 110cm x W 110cm x H 60cm

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