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Lines granulation

Posted on 15/08/2016


Granulating line is designed to automate the process of granulation.

Significantly reduces labor costs, increases productivity, accelerates the process of manufacturing feed and reduces the impact of human factors on the production of the finished product and the quality of the product.

In line granulation may include the following key components:

  • pneumatic grain crusher
  • crushers of straw
  • storage tank minced raw
  • weight storage bunker for accurate dosage of crushed ingredients
  • horizontal mixer
  • shipping screw
  • storage tank semi
  • precise dosing auger feed the granulator
  • granulator
  • band scraper
  • coolers of granules with vibrating screeners
  • dust selection of sieves
  • band scraper for submission to the bunker of finished products or packing machine
  • control panel

The configuration can be changed at will and advice customer.
Line capacity can vary from 250 kg/h to 1200 kg/h depending on the needs of the customer.

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